Ocean pollution essay

A characterization by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of cancer causing potential evaluated dioxin as over 10, times more potent than the next highest chemical diethanol aminehalf a million times more than arsenic, and a million or more times greater than all others.

Many animals also ingest the oil. Given the existing scientific knowledge about cyclones, it is not yet possible to physically dissipate the buildup of a massive cyclone.

The occurrence of maximum number of earthquakes in this region is due to four ideal conditions— i Junction of continental and oceanic margins ii Zone of young folded mountains iii Zone of active volcanoes iv Subduction zone of destructive or convergent plate boundaries Mid-Continental Belt: Sewage Pollution can enter the ocean directly.

What is Ocean Pollution?

Company scale is still growing, seriously affecting the lives of local residents. Mining for materials such as copper and gold is a major source of contamination in the ocean.

Decompose Since plastics belong to a chemical family of high polymers, they are essentially made up of a long chain of molecules containing repeated units of carbon atoms.


Furthermore, because the intensity of shaking varies from one place to another during an earthquake, different Mercalli ratings can be given for the same earthquake. It has been strongly linked to asthma and allergies in children.

Pollution of Streams by Garbage and Trash

As such, one must be careful in interpreting this category because it includes polycarbonate — a dangerous plastic — but it also includes the new, safer, biodegradable bio-based plastics made from renewable resources such as corn and potato starch and sugar cane.

Citarum River, flowing to the Sea, is the main source of houselhold water for Jakarta. Plastic pollution covering the shore, Morocco.

For example, the U.

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For example, copper is a major source of pollutant in the ocean and can interfere with the life cycles of numerous marine organisms and life. The convective instability builds up into an organised system with high-speed winds circulating around the low pressure interior.

Compared to the pre- monsoon season of May, June, when severe storms are rare, the months of October and November are known for severe cyclones. Elsewhere, impoverished villages in tributary watersheds dispose their wastes onto the ground or into small creeks, which eventually drain to larger waterbodies.

April 10, The area is filled with tiny phytoplankton, but few big fish or mammals, thus fishermen and sailors rarely travel through it. So even though it may sound expensive, it will be a lot cheaper in the long run. According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, plastic debris kills an estimatedmarine mammals annually, as well as millions of birds and fishes.

Jun 22,  · Ocean currents funnel a relentless tide of plastic trash and other debris to the unpopulated shores of Gore Point in Alaska. Credit Ted Raynor.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is your comprehensive essay on Natural Disasters! Nature and Management: A natural disaster is unforeseen, severe and immediate. Pollution, ozone depletion in the stratosphere and global warming come in this category. Natural disasters include cyclones, earthquakes, floods, drought (though these two are now being increasingly considered ‘man- made’.

Pollution in our oceans is a serious problem. According to Marie Wild in her article "Ocean Pollution", "Ocean pollution is one of the major killers of our sea animals." Most of the waste that is dumped is plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down (Oceanic Research Foundation [ORF /5(4).

Ocean pollution essay
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