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But beyond that, it was pretty murky. NPR is not a national version of, say, a Pacifica station, where an announcer might analyze the virtues of different brands of LSD or urge people to go naked on Election Day.

The national telephone system is breaking down. He reported from Bethesda, Md. Artists adored the femme fatale aspect of Circe, and this is one of my favorites of that type. I had to include this one, if only for the grumpy Louis XVI lion.

Schorr, obviously constrained by national security concerns, wouldn't say. The listener should not be left to think that any archival or previously obtained audio was gathered in the context of the current piece.

Smith would spend weeks immersing himself in the lives of his subjects. Several times I heard them tripped up by their own reporting. There are cases when a correspondent or producer has a scoop or other critical information but does not have time to write for all platforms.

A poll released earlier this year by the National Association of Broadcasters showed that only 16 percent of Americans consider radio an important source of news, compared with 69 percent for television and 43 percent for newspapers.

She'll drive miles across the city to poke through the out-of-copyright videotapes at the public library rather than spend two bucks to rent one at the Blockbuster down the street.

One of the most telling moments of my ordeal-by-NPR came while Linda Wertheimer was interviewing a computer developer on what will happen when computers are linked into televisions—the so-called intelligent TV. To their credit, NPR reporters do seem to have a vague notion that some Americans don't share their zeal for taxes.

On April 15, John Nielsen reported, several days ahead of the pack, that the Clinton administration would sign the Rio de Janeiro biodiversity treaty that had been deep-sixed by George Bush.

Border Patrol agents arrive to detain a group of Central American asylum seekers near the U. Just to be clear: This is something of a mystery—that highly educated, well-to-do people for that is what NPR's listeners are, mostly would adopt the kind of intellectual isolationism that we would ordinarily associate with survivalist cults holed up in the Ozarks.

Instead there is only Circe herself, in the center of the scene. When he spurns her, she turns him into a woodpecker. With any luck, and a bit of talent, you'll end up with a photo essay that would do Smith proud.

Please consider it carefully in writing your piece.

Carl Kasell, Iconic Newscaster Whose Voice Defined NPR, Dead At 84

By the way, Chadwick is most assuredly not talking about numbers of listeners when he uses the word "dominant. She's running because "I want to go to Washington and change it. I listened in amazement to a story by Dan Charles on a new half-billion-dollar handout to military contractors to convert them into civilian industries.

Place your audience in the action by taking a photo that shows it all.

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If anything I catch a touch of grief in it. Said the first one: Smith, however, still felt a strong need to separate from the strictures of the magazine industry and work as an independent artist. No matter where, what, or whom he was shooting, Smith drove himself relentlessly to create evocative portraits that revealed the essence of his subjects in a way that touched the emotions and conscience of viewers.

Schools can't afford to buy benches, so children sit on the floor. Most NPR listeners, I'm sure, wouldn't trust an economist who bragged that he accepted only the scholarship of Milton Friedman, or a politician who read only the works of Lenin.

One listener boasts that he and his wife recently drove from Buckhannon, West Virginia, to Portland, Oregon, and back, listening to NPR every foot of the 6, miles.

The tools that are now at our disposal make depth and breath of sound and image possible. If it is important to know what agency the source is from, we report that. And there were more quotes from Jefferson City. Oct 23,  · PHOTO ESSAY: Halloween Pop-Ups | reWorking Michigan | WKAR NPR PBS WKAR NPR PBS WKAR.


Loading Unsubscribe from WKAR? Cancel Unsubscribe. How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay: Logical. PHOTOS: In this lovely photo essay, young Indonesians bring to life the principle of "pancasila," which says people should be able to live in harmony, even if they practice different religions or come from different backgrounds, from NPR's Code Switch.

This I Believe is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. Overof these essays, written by people from all walks of life, have been archived here on our website, heard on public radio, chronicled through our books, and featured in weekly podcasts.

At NPR, we believe deeply in some core principles. Those include accountability and transparency. We must apply those principles to our bylines. Our goal is to ensure that NPR bylines make clear to readers who created the work, whether it’s a news article, video or photo essay.

That’s transparency. NPR reaches millions of listeners each week through our radio broadcasts. As platforms have evolved, so has NPR. Listeners now engage with NPR in many new and innovative ways including podcasts, videos and photo essays.

This photo essay, part one of a three-part series, looks at the earlier stages of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as the growing protest movement, between the years and Be.

Npr photo essays
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