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However, more recently, federal courts and many state courts have employed the Daubert standard Daubert v.

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This tactic provided an easily defendable side to the castle. The most important component in the defence was the location of the castle itself.

The traditional English bow was the short-bow, with a range of no more than metres. Once the castle was penetrated and hand to hand battle ensued, common weapons of swords, spears, sling etc.

Medieval Castle defensive Weapons Various weapons were prevalent for medieval castle defences.

Battered Woman Syndrome as a Legal Defense

Many threats existed which castle builders had to take into consideration. The parts called the Crenels was the feet wide gap and the Merlons were the solid portion between two crenels. Attackers chopped down forests in the area of the castle and built huge wooden towers mounted on wheels.

It relied on a counterpoise and was simpler in design and construction than most others.

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This meant thick walls, high fortifications, and a firm foundation or large moat were necessary elements for a good castle. Bergin and Garvey, Battered women may kill their mates during a lull in the violence or when the batterers are sleeping.

Medieval Castle Defences

The walls were crowned with battlements which gave protection to the defenders, and the gaps between the merlons were often guarded by hinged flaps. This type of moat—called a dry moat—hindered soldiers and cavalry from advancing and made it impossible for siege towers to get to the walls.

The medieval crossbow derived from the classic balista. Defending a Medieval Castle The Medieval Times website provides interesting facts, history and information about these great fortresses and castles of Medieval times including this section on Defending a Medieval Castle.

The best castles were those that were strong enough to hold against attacks from machines such as the trebuchet, catapult, and siege tower without losing too many lives or structural integrity.

The following factors were considered: The NCDBW report also found that a vast majority of states found expert testimony to be admissible to prove that the defendant had been a battered woman or that she suffered from BWS.

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Castle were usually built on top of a hills and surrounded by a mott. The walls became thicker; corner and mural towers were built to give enfilading fire"Ã Â (Thomas 1).

Turrets projected from the walls, so there was a clear line of fire along to the next turret.1/5(1). Essay about The Medieval Castle. The Medieval Period lasted from the 10th century to the 17th century; this was the time of castles. The word castle is derived from the Latin word castellum which means fort.

fter the accession of Henry II castle warfare began slowly to take on a different character. On the one hand, defence was assisted by developments in the plan and construction of castles; on the other, the weaponry of attack was generally improved.

- The battered woman defense is a defense that is used in court to defend assault/murder charges where the defendant is abused and commits a offence under duress or necessity. It is mainly used by women and also referred to as the battered woman syndrome/battered wife syndrome.

Criminal Justice Battered Woman Syndrome as a Legal Defense ‘‘Battered woman syndrome’’ (BWS) is a descriptive term that refers to a pattern of psychological and behavioral symptoms found in women living in abusive relationships.

- The Purpose of the Richmond Castle In this essay I will be investigating the important question, ‘Richmond Castle was built more for defence than comfort,’ and will find out whether this statement is true or, in fact, false.

Castle defenese essay
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Defending a Medieval Castle